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AlpsRealty is the most flexible ERP package for Real Estate Developers that adapts to needs of a real estate organization. When you buy AlpsRealty software suite, we include all the developing tools that a Real Estate organization needs in development of various realty projects This development toolkit is AlpsRealty Development Toolkit. With AlpsRealty Development Toolkit, the infinite possibility AlpsRealty brings begins to unfold. Integrate AlpsRealty seamlessly with your existing applications or third party solutions so you can maximize your investments. It can save your hundreds of thousands of dollars in customization expenses. AlpsRealty Development Toolkit comes with following tools:
Land Management
Project Management
Contract Management
Purchase & Inventory
Land Management
Here we integrate the public & legal viewpoint of the land management with internal view of the real estate company. Land Management module of AlpsRealty Software Solution for Developers provides a promising solution to manage development and use of resources like agriculture, water resources & forestation. Land Management Module also allows you to depict various public registers.
  • Land Details
  • Land Litigation & Court Procedures
  • Land approval
  • Society Consent Letter
Project Management
AlpsRealty Project Management manages its promising job to maintain standard estimating, scheduling and job costing requirements of all levels of real estate developer. Project Management allows most time-efficient way for calculation of various project costing reports. It allows various tools in a simple panel to manage all the controls over the project of real estate developer organization.
  • Project Distribution
  • Co-efficient Requirements
  • BOQ (Bill of Quality) Management
  • Phase specific working template
  • Project Planning: Daily & Monthly
  • Progress Reporting:Daily & Monthly
  • Material Requirement Specification
Contract Management
Contract Management module of AlpsRealty suite allows you to define & rate various contracts & their relative contractors. Using this module you can easily manage issuing of various credit/debit notes in real estate organization. You can easily avoid over billing & other billing related critical issues with respect to contracts. Complete contract details along with the profiles & details of associated contractors can be managed easily from this single working panel with AlpsRealty Sofware Solution for Developers.
  • Contract specific working template
  • Defining/Rating Contracts
  • Contract Comparison
  • Running Account Billing
  • Contract Bills Management
  • Contract Quality Management
  • Contract Payments
  • Credit/Debit Notes
Purchase & Inventory Management
AlpsRealty Purchase & Inventory Management module of software solution for Developers allows you to manage all the details including purchase & supplier details of all the inventory items required for each project or a specific phase/sub-phase of a project. You can keep a supervision over the allotment of inventory items to various users. It ensures availability of all the needs as per inventory items & to prepare and forward the requisition for purchase whenever there is requirement for any item. All the details regarding items including quality, quantity, costing, supplier details etc are all managed under single umbrella named as AlpsRealty Purchase & Inventory Management.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Request Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Purchase Order Specification
  • Goods Receipt Notes Management
  • Indents
  • Items Validation
  • Issue Items

Buyers/Brokers can login to the system to view their booking portfolio. Brokers can raise online booking requests; track the status of the lead that they had given to the Real Estate Developer. Certain controls options are provided at the dashboard for buyer/broker with an easy yet efficient interface. Separate working panel allows user to feel themselves as a proud partner of the developer.

Accounts Management
AlpsRealty streamlines and simplifies your accounts managing process at every level and provides consistency throughout the budgeting and accounting cycle of real estate developer organization. Various accounts are developed which differentiate the working areas for different departments of the Real Estate company. As per the account type, various working panel as well as rights & limitations specified for the working areas are provided with the specific accounts.
Visitor Account
Admin Account
User-Defined Accounts
User Rights Assignment

AlpsRealty CRM
AlpsRealty CRM takes care of entire Business Generation Process and handling of Customer Relationship along with its affect on Financial Books. It aims to provide everything a real estate business needs to manage their marketing, sales and customer support through a reliable processes and procedures for interaction.
Pre-Sales Management
Post-Sales Management
Financial Management
Pre-Sales Management
Marketing activities are the most important mode for growth of a real estate business. Various modes of marketing require comprehensive analysis which leads to correct decision making. AlpsRealty Presales module provides various tools of marketing for the real estate organization to get complete information regarding the conversion of an enquiry into a sale through a specific mode and the quantum of efforts behind it, both in terms of finance and personnel. Complete follow up history maintaince is provided that makes the entire process, system driven rather than person dependent.
  • Advertisement Details
  • Advertisement Costing
  • Follow Up with Reminders
  • Executive Performance
  • Leads Comparison
  • Progress Calculation

Post-Sales Management
AlpsRealty Post-Sales Module may be termed as the most important module as it initiates a new project of the company that brings in new clientele, a beginning of new relationship. AlpsRealty Post Sales Management module offers you various controls which in turn satisfies all the needs between the developer & customers.
  • Bookings Management
  • Brokers Management
  • Tax Management
  • Interest Calculation
  • Pre-Sales Master
  • Statements Management
  • Demand Notes
Financial Management
AlpsRealty Financial Management module is collaboration of Financial accounting module, Tally ERP & entire chain of real estate transactions. It automatically fetches various accounting information from different modules of the AlpsRealty as well as other integrated parts & offer compete management over financial aspect of real estate management. Other financial information regarding billing of various venders, bank details, cheque/draft clearance, bank status etc. can be easily managed using this module of AlpsRealty.
  • Tally Integration
  • Dealer Bills
  • Credit/Debit Notes
  • Bank Postings
  • Voucher Posting to Tally
  • Bills Management
  • Banks Management
  • Receipts Management

Alps Realty is real estate’s best all-in-one brokerage software solution. Broker Office is an integrated Enterprise suite designed to manage all aspects of your real estate business. This module helps developer to manage all the incentive & commission related modules of real estate organization. These modules are customized as per the developer policies & requirements.
Commission Slab
Commission Payout
Manage Commissions
Incentive Masters

Alps HRMS, is a smart blend of aesthetics, analytics, actions and automation enables engagement and drives productivity in an real estate organization. HRMS is integration of Human Resource Management as a discipline and in particular it’s basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field. HRMS is a comprehensive suite in the ERP Software Solution that includes:
Payroll Management
Office Administration
Time & Attendance
Performance Appraisal
HR Management
Performance Record
Recruitment Management

Legal Management
ALPS Legal Management Legal Module (ELM) is a legal case management solution for in-house legal departments of the real estate organization..
Stop Wasting Time for Searching the Case Information - Generate Bills Quickly - Streamline your transactional real estate cases and never miss a deadline - Integrate with REMS Module.
Case Setup
Case Follow-up
Case Closure
Legal Master
Legal Management Dashboard

MIS Reports
AlpsRealty MIS module provides management of all sort of reports of real estate organization. It ensures satisfaction of all the needs that arise for reports management at different levels of departments of developer organization. In AlpsRealty MIS Reports module different search refinement controls are given to the user as per the specific department rights to generate & modify reports. The generated reports can be exported/imported to MS- Excel or other application related reports as per the requirement.
Generate Reports
Reports Management
Import Reports
Export Reports


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