AlpsRealty - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AlpsRealty? How will it help my business?

    AlpsRealty is an IT solution designed specifically to address the needs of real estate professionals. It can automate all workflows of real estate consultants and help you to transform your business to a very professional level. We have successfully implemented AlpsRealty for more than 250 Realtors.

    AlpsRealty package includes a CRM system that will allow you to effectively manage your properties, requirements, builders, brokers and clients. It will help you to match requirements against properties, generate PDF reports, conduct email/SMS campaigns and much more.

    The CRM is integrated with Realtor Connect where more than 250 top clients are sharing property and requirement information with each other.

    It is also integrated with our Real Estate Projects server where latest information about the upcoming projects including floor plan, layout and configuration is provided.

  • Are there separate versions for real estate consultants and developers?
  • Yes. AlpsRealty comes in separate versions, one for consultants and the other for developers, considering their specific needs.

  • How much does AlpsRealty cost?
  • AlpsRealty not only provides you with the best business automation solution but also assured quality after-sales support service. But all this comes at a surprisingly affordable cost. Please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get the best quote.

  • I am not an expert in computers. Will I be able to use AlpsRealty?
  • Yes. AlpsRealty has a very simple and intuitive interface. As such you just need basic computer skills to get started. Besides we shall provide you with comprehensive training to ensure that you are comfortable with the software in no time!

  • Is AlpsRealty an online web based system or an offline system?
  • AlpsRealty can be deployed either as an online web based system which will require an internet connection or it can also be deployed as a standalone offline system on your machine. Please note that as of now, we do not offer simultaneous online as well as offline deployment.

  • What are the requirements for running AlpsRealty?
  • AlpsRealty typically runs on any standard PC and on any operating system. The online version simply requires an internet connection and a web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. If you opt for a multiple user offline system, you will need to have a LAN setup in place.

  • How many training sessions do I get?
  • You get two free comprehensive training sessions for AlpsRealty which are sufficient to get you comfortable with the software. Besides you can always access our free online and phone support. Further, additional training sessions can be organized at a very nominal cost.

  • What if I require technical assistance?
  • We are always available to assist you with your queries. Please call our support helpline on +91- 9311363701 for technical queries or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our support team will also be able to assist you online.

  • Can I import my existing data into AlpsRealty?
  • Yes. You can easily import your existing data into the system through excel sheets once the data is conditioned into a specified format.

  • What if my computer crashes? Is there a way to recover my data?
  • For the online version, there is an automated backup process on our servers which ensures that your data is always available even if your computer crashes. In case you have opted for the offline version of AlpsRealty, there is a provision for you to manually take backup of your data at regular intervals through a very simple process.

  • How many users from my office can use AlpsRealty?
  • The number of users who will be able to login to the system simultaneously depends on the number of user licenses you have purchased. There are options for single user, multiple users or even unlimited users in the product package.

  • Can I access my property data from any PC or only from a dedicated machine?
  • If you are using the online version of AlpsRealty, it can be accessed from any internet enabled PC using your secure user ID and password. In case you are using the offline version, it can be accessed only through the specific PC or a PC connected in the LAN network (if enabled).

  • Is my property data secured?
  • Yes. The security of your data is our top priority. Robust security architecture enables only people you authorize to view or modify your property data. Additionally, password authentication is required for access to our online as well as offline real estate software solution.

  • Is AlpsRealty software specific to a certain geographic location?
  • No. AlpsRealty is not a location specific solution. You can easily customize the default options to suit your location requirements.

  • What is Realtor Connect?
  • Realtor Connect is our premier networking platform exclusively for real estate consultants where you could share your properties as well as requirements. You get free access to Realtor Connect on purchase of AlpsRealty.

  • What are the benefits of networking with other real estate consultants?
  • Networking platforms like Realtor Connect allow you to share properties and requirements with fellow real estate consultants resulting in faster deals and more opportunities.

  • How do I post my properties on AlpsKonnect?
  • AlpsKonnect is integrated with AlpsRealty software solution, which means you can post properties and requirements with a single click!

  • What is Real Estate Projects?
  • Real Estate Projects is our premier realty project information service. Currently we provide detailed project information including floor plans, configuration details, amenities, site photographs, etc for ongoing and upcoming projects.

  • Would you be able to provide me with more information on a particular project in my area?
  • Yes. If the project information has not been uploaded, then you can easily request for information by filling in a simple form and our team will try its best to get the information to you in the shortest possible time.

  • Do you also provide real estate website services?
  • Certainly. We do separately design real estate portals and Real Estate Websites which can be integrated with the CRM system, thus allowing you to select properties in the software and share it on the website in real time.


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